NOTs NFTs Offers
A Wide Array Of Collections

NOTs NFTs Offers
A Wide Array Of Collections

The NOTs collection is space bot art influenced by the Cosmos IBC chains. These NOTs are defenders of the Cosmos.  They are found throughout Cosmos and more NOTs join as the Cosmoverse expands.

NOTs Series 1


JunoNOTs are tough, hardy, efficient, and professional NOTs that hail from the Juno space.  JunoNOTs are outfitted with glorious Roman armor including gauntlet, scaled metal plates, a galea, and helmet crests.  JunoNOTs are named in honor of Goddess Juno, a defender of Rome.

NOTs Series 2


HuaNOTs who are loveable, friendly, affable dog bots. HuaNOTs trotted into Cosmos from HuaHua Space. They are influenced by Chihuahuas; highly energetic and playful dogs. Toss them a bone or a few Huahua tokens and you have a friend for life.

NOTs Series 3


OsmoNots are defenders of Osmosis. These IBC NFTs are highly detailed Cosmos Space Warriors who honor Osmosis. OsmoNOTs are dressed in Osmosis hues, holding OSMO potions, and tanked up with purple APR power. These NFTs are highly detailed and can be cropped and zoomed for personal preference. Every NOT is backed by 3 OSMO. OsmoNOTs can be staked to Cosmos Spaces for staking Commission Discounts

NOTs Series 4


StarNOTs are humanistic space bots in Cosmos that love the arts and creativity. StarNOTs defend and build up the art community on the Stargaze homeworld.

NOTs Series 5


NetaNOTs are Space Warriors supporting other NOTs in the NOTs Universe in their battle against the evil General Fiat.

3dNOTs come from a fuller, more rendered part of the Cosmos. 3dNOTs travel IBC connections and are found in any part of Cosmos.  3dNOTs are a diverse group with each series having both a unique look and characteristics

3dNOTs Series 2

Tartarus Is A Darker, Deeper Group Of 3dNOTs

Rising up from the Underworld, Tartarus fester the Cosmos using their dark powers. A natural antagonist and archrival to Heroes, the Tartarus are always up for a fight.

3dNOTs Series 1

Heroes Are The Fearless Avengers Of The Cosmos

Sometimes equipped with Rockets, Jetpacks, and Wingsuits, they fly into action wherever duty calls. Our 3dNOTs Heroes are even found in Cosmos working with their sidekick, Space Pup.